SP1 Fork Mods


If you are still riding on standard RC-51 SP1 forks, you know they could be better! Excessive dive under braking, harshness over sharp bumps, wallowing, I'm sure these are symptoms you recognize. I have the fix! For $324.95, (not including shipping) I will install new compression valving utilizing Race Tech Gold Valve bodies, fix the preload, change the seals, and install new oil at the correct height. (Plus a couple other little proprietary mods) The end result is a fork that works as it should and is a very good value for the performance gain. Note: Does not include fork springs. The standard fork springs work well for riders in the 185# range with gear. If you are substantially heavier or lighter, replacement springs are required, which increases the total cost to $434.95. Still a great deal!

  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs

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